What we offer

Drink,eat and sleep


At the refuge, our friendly team does all the best to welcome hikers, fishermen, thirsty or starving people… from mid-june until mid-september.

Make yourself at home at the Refuge…


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Our refuge can provide all catering and accommodation services not only reserved  to hikers but to all of those who intend to spend a relaxing day at Allos Lake


The restaurant

Taste and enjoy the authentic flavors of Allos Lake…

Our restaurant service provide breakfast, lunch and the dinner to all guests.

For lunch and dinner we offer a unique menu that changes daily; all our meals are prepared daily by our chef at the refuge, they are based on family cuisine with generous portions, but… you must make a reservation to eat at the refuge.

However it’s always possible to order at any hour the following:

– Sandwiches ( Salad, local delicatessen on a delicious bread ).

– Mixed Plate of local delicatessen, cheese and salad with basket of bread.

– Cakes, pies, ice cream and desserts.

– Hot and cold drinks.

Our Half board includes: dinner, a night in a dormitory and breakfast.

If you wish, we can prepare a lunch box for your day of hiking. Ask it when you book your night.




Sleeping at the refuge

Do not get confused, we are a mountain lodge not an hotel !!!

You will sleep in a “vintage” dormitory and on a “vintage” bed. The mattresses are protected with clean sheets but not changed daily. There are two blankets per bed. Bring at least your own “sleeping sheet”,  the refuge being at 2.240 m a sleeping bag is highly recommended.

Don’t forget to bring ear plugs!

The refuge is an excellent starting point for many excursions and hikes in the Mercantour National Park and starting early morning is recommended, therefore the dormitories must be left before 8:00 am , and breakfast is served from 6:30 to 8:00.

Spend the night at the refuge and enjoy the sunrise…


Privatization of the refuge

If you wish to celebrate a particular event …in a special place…

Do you want to celebrate an event, a birthday or something important in your life, in a special way? It is possible at the Refuge of Allos lake. You can privately rent the all refuge of Allos Lake for an evening. You and your guests will be our only residents at the refuge; we will prepared a special menu including wine and coffee, then you and your guests will spend a night in a dorm and enjoy breakfast the next morning. Contact us for more details.



Service Price in €
Half board – Adults 41,00 €
Daily menu 19,50 €
Breakfast 7,00 €
Box lunch or picnic ( Only for guests ) 10,00 €


ATTENTION: Credit Cards are not accepted!.


When will you open the refuge for the 2015 season?

The Refuge Bar Restaurant will open, for 2015 season, between June the13th and 27th ( depending on the snow conditions ).

When and how can we book a night or half board at the refuge?

Bookings will start on Wednesday, April 15th, 2015 at midnight by our website, email address at refugedulacdallos@gmail.com or by phone at the following number: 0033 06 21 71 94 83 . To be fair we can not accept ANY early booking ; but consider it for granted if you call us or if you send us your email at 0:00 Wednesday, April 15, 2015. Thank you for your understanding. During the preparations and during the season, from June 1st to September 13th, you can only contact us calling this number: 0033 04 92 83 00 24 . There are no Internet connection or mobile network at the refuge.

What do we need to bring to spend a night at the refuge?

You will sleep in a “vintage” dormitory and on a “vintage” bed. The mattresses are protected with clean sheets but not changed daily . There are two blankets per bed. Come up with at least a “sleeping sheet”, however, the refuge being 2.240 m, a sleeping bag is highly recommended. Don’t forget to bring ear plugs !

When do we have to leave the dorm?

The dormitories must be left by 8:00.

When can we take our breakfast?

Breakfast is served from 6:30 to 8:00.

How many beds and dormitories have you?

We have 42 beds in 4 dormitories , 19, 10 , 8 and 5 beds.

Do we need to book for having lunch at the refuge?

We are preparing a limited number of meals so it is strongly recommended to book for lunch which is served from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. by calling us on our landline 04 92 83 00 24.

Can we have dinner at the refuge if we don’t spend the night there too?

Yes you can have dinner at the refuge but you have to book it. We have a unique service in the evening , dinner is served at precisely 19:00, make your looking calling us on our landline: 04 92 83 00 24.

What will we eat at the refuge?

At breakfast , which is in the form of a buffet , we offer our famous bread, the « briare » , butter, apricot jam and lavender honey and to drink coffee, tea, hot milk and chocolate. For the lunch, which is served inside, our chef prepares a unique menu, starter, main course and dessert all cooked at the refuge with fresh ingredients of the region . we could start with a mixed salad with cold meat or quiche, for the main course we usually propose a meat stew served with vegetables and potatoes and for dessert it could be a light blueberries and raspberries mousse… Our residents begin their dinner with a good vegetable soup , the main dish can be a of lasagne or a shepherd pie and for dessert an homemade pie! And also, at every hour,on the terrace we offer: snack, sandwiches, mixed plat , pies , icecream, cold and hot drinks.

Do you provide meals for vegetarians?

We kindly ask you that you notify us when booking and of course we will prepare you something special if you are vegetarian.

Can I bring my dog?

No! You are in the National Park of Mercantour area and dogs are forbidden.

Do you prepare lunch box or picnic?

Yes and it consists of a sandwich made with local cold meat and tasty bread , a boiled egg , a tomato, a fruit and a cereal bar. Order it when your book your stay and confirm it on arrival.

Do you have doubles room?

No, we are a mountain refuge and accommodation is in dorm.

How many shower and toilet have you at the refuge?

On the site, there is a shower ONLY ( warm water, in the best case ), which opens at 17:00 and two toilets.

Do you have a mobile phone network at the refuge?

No there is no mobile phone network coverage or wifi at the refuge or around the lake ; to receive a signal you must go to the Encombrette or on the top of Mount Pelat ! Throughout the season we are only reachable at this number 04 92 83 00 24.

Is there any place where we could sleep when the refuge is closed?

There is a room located just above the refuge, open 365 days a year for you to sleep and shelter while hiking off-season !!!!

Do you have any games or books at the refuge?

We have a game of chess , Scrabble and card games at your disposal , plus a few magazines and mountain IGN maps.

How can we pay at the refuge?

You can pay cash or with a check if you have a French bank account. We do not accept CREDIT CARDS .

Do we have to pay a deposit upon booking ?

If you book less than 10 half board we do not ask for deposit ; but we kindly ask you to inform us as soon as possible for cancellation or any changes. With your help we will avoid cooking for no show, wasting food , refuse potential customers and therefore keep reasonable prices. When booking more than 10 half-board we ask you to send us a check for the amount of the deposit ,10 € per person per night.