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Mount Pelat ascension

Top of the High Verdon , on the top of Mount Pelat you will be amazed by a panoramic views of the Alps and Corsica if there will be good weather condition.

Take the left path to the plateau Meouille. We begin to have an overhanging lake view sleeping among his circus. At the end of the plateau, attack the gradual rise in the valley with small boulders , always on a well-marked path.

Then the landscape is becoming more arid. The slope actually increases towards the end, to reach the impressive peak of the valley . A last effort and reached the summit at 3051m above sea level.

There you can admire the landscape in all directions. To the north, dominates the Ubaye , with the Head of Sestriere and Great Séolane nearby. In the south, it is the Italian peaks that cap the horizon , including the Viso stands clearly.

Count 6 hours return for good walkers.


Hike around the lake

Ideal whole family walk. From the Refuge count about 1 hour to go around the lake. Start to go around taking the left out of the refuge beside lake banks. Under the Encombrette pass , it is not uncommon to see some marmots playing.

A last have a look at Mount Pelat ( 3050m ) , then you’re on the way back to the refuge. Do not forget to visit the Chapel of Our Lady of the Mountains above the refuge.

Easy hike, flat terrain for all ages.


The Encombrette Pass

Discovery of the cirque of the Encombrette  and the Mercantour National Park wild life ( Marmots , ibex, chamois).

From the refuge you must go down toward the parking and on your left you will find the well-marked trail to Encombrette pass.

It offers a beautiful view of Mount Pelat 3051 m and the Allos lake below, after you reach the Ecombrette pass the 2 lakes of Encombrette, can be reached in 1 hour more, of which is dominated by the head of Bertrand Moulin 2666 m and the other by the Head of the Encombrette 2682 m.

Count from the Refuge about 4 hours there and back. No big difficulty, the climb is gradual and steady.


Round hike to the glacier lakes : Cayolle, Garrets and Lausson

Discover the glacier lakes (Cayolle, Garrets and Lausson ) , that were former the border between the Duchy of Savoy and the Kingdom of France.

From the refuge walk up to the chapel of Our Lady of the Mountains and follow the path of the little Cayolle 2639m. From there, follow the path leading south to Lake Garrets , then go up the ridge to the top of Garrets.

Then walk on the ridge separating Ht Var and Ht Verdon, above the Lake of Garrets . We then joined the “normal” path that we follow up to Lausson ( 2602m ). From there, you can go down to the Lake of Allos and close the ride for a quiet tour of the lake.

Count 5h return. For any good walker!


Remember that the Allos lake is located in the heart of Mercantour national park…



Enjoy the view… and the Refuge specialities…

Take a break on the refuge’s terrace, facing the lake, relax and enjoy the view while you are tasting some of our specialities…

« L’assiette du Lac » consists of delicatessen of the valley (ham and saucisson), local cheese accompanied with salad and tapenade and our briare famous bread.

And what about a hot chocolate and a piece of our delicious blueberry pie!


Fishing at Allos Lake

Just to enjoy a relaxing fishing day

If you are calm water lovers, you can always go tickle the char and brown trout from Allos Lake. To fish in our lake, you need a map of the area and fishing license. Where to get the license? Well, fishing permits dealers in the Val d’ Allos are :

– At the small store Allossard  “Sport 2000”

– Hotel , bar, restaurant Pascal

Fishing is allowed, each year, starting for the 3rd saturday of june, till 3rd sunday of september.

for more information please refer to the tourism office of Allos.


Allos Lake’s festival

Come to visit us August the 5th… a pleasant surprise will wait for you

A traditional festival take place on August the 5th at Allos Lake. It’s a day of celebration, in order to avoid that the tradition is forgotten, around one of the most beautiful places in our valley .

So every year, on August 5th, we celebrate the feast of Allos Lake, where all the population of the valley and whoever is around, is invited to attend a Mass at the chapel of Our Lady of the Mountains, celebrated in the presence of Bishop of Digne , Riez and Sisteron and the pastor of the Allos’s parish. After the Mass an aperitif is offered by the municipality.

Then finally the local dancers and musicians called “Drummers” gives to this festival a Provence accent by interpreting songs and folk dances from the region.


Star gazing

Amazing… and not only during daylight

Star gazing activity here is just amazing. In fact at 2.230m altitude, thanks to the humidity condition and the absent of light sources, the night sky appears so clear that is a  unique opportunity for people to enjoy, observe and take pictures of the moon or the stars above us. Do not miss the night of the shooting stars, around the first week of August!